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Work is steadily, if slowly, ongoing in all areas and additions will be noted below.   Please check back often.

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Decmeber 8, 2014    New photos added of 737 simulator project.  Last item on 737-300 Cockpit and Simuator Project page.
November 10, 2013 Six new photos added.  More coming soon.
October 23, 2013    Section added to cover a full-size B737-300 simulator project.  All the way to the bottom of the home page, last button on the left.
August 27, 2013      Adding hi-resolution (1600 pixels wide) versions of many photos.  Several already done.
July 8, 2013             Back in the saddle, so to speak.  Am working on adding captions, and general cleanup at this time.
July 4, 2012             Five new timetables added today.  Link to zoggavia.com updated.  Paul Zogg has added new photos!
March 10, 2012       Three new photos and two timetables uploaded during the recent days.
February 9,2012      Nine new postcards uploaded.  Fifty in all now.
February 3, 2012     Two photos, two simulator screen shots, a postcard, and three timetables all posted during the past few days!
December 4, 2011   Two new Ads & Artifacts added and a few new links too.
October 31,2011     During this month I've added some new marketing items and two new photos.  
Sept. 27, 2011         Three more timetables -- Texas International, Continental and Southern
Sept. 12, 2011         Five postcards and four new timetables posted today. 
August 8, 2011        Another photo, two very rare artifacts and two FS screenshots uploaded.
July 15, 2011           Two photos uploaded.  I call your attention in particular to the AA DC-6 by Jon Proctor.
July 4, 2011             Two more timetables, Western and United, early '60s
July 1, 2011             Couple of new flight simulator screenshots added
June 25, 2011          Two new photos added.
June 22, 2011          Letter written inflight uploaded to the "Other Stuff" page.  Don't miss this.
June 20, 2011          New Links added.
June 18, 2011          Several postcards added.